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Mummy’s Little Black Book

In MLBB, you will find useful information for parents (and soon-to-be!).
Life made easier for parents with knowledge!
No sugar coated words.

We provide unbiased product/service reviews because we dont exchange our review for any monetary incentives! So you can trust us to give you an honest advise on the products and services thats related to Baby, Mother, Father and Family! Calista (our main in-house writer) also shares her journey into motherhood and family life. (:


Product Review Panel


Born in the year 2013, Charles is delivered via C-section at Gleneagles Hospital. He enjoys being in water and loves the colour blue. In his spare time, he likes to unleash his creativity and do hand painting and other baby messy craft projects. Books are very much a huge part of his life as he spends his days being read to by mummy and daddy. Charles loves trying out new things and is great at expressing himself. He is our first in-house baby product reviewer! (:


A stay at home mother who is currently expecting her second baby due to deliver this coming August. She spends most of her time being a full time mother to her 21 month old toddler and soon to arrive baby. Outspoken and straightforward, she speaks her mind and shares her thoughts on products and services. Motherhood has been a learning and beautiful journey for her as she continues to uncover the little things and secrets in this new life. She is our in-house product and service reviewer!


Just a simple guy learning to be a good father and husband.

My marriage and journey into fatherhood. How i made the greatest decision of my life. Love is a strong word not understood by most.”

He is our in-house product and service reviewer!

Casey & Oliver

casey yong





“My name is Casey and I am a SAHM to a toddler boy – Oliver, and newborn baby girl – Abby. My boy is extremely clingy, he cannot lose sight of me, so u can imagine me having to carry him with one hand and at the same time cook with the other, housework is always a job half done. I can never clean an area completely without having my son cry a river. I believe being able to stay home with my children is a blessing and a priority. Seeing them growing up healthy and happy each day puts smile on my face. Now that my boy is attending childcare, I’m in full force looking forward to my second baby. Regardless a stay at home mum or working mum, we all want the best for our children and attempt to fulfill their needs as much as possible. Calista and I have been friends for a long time but only got closer after we both became mothers. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on all things baby, parent and family related with everyone on MLBB’s platform.” Casey and Oliver are also on our review panel!

Victoria & Kayla

Victoria & Kayla









Im Victoria and this is my 2 yr old daughter Kayla.
Becoming a first time mummy has been nothing short of amazing and very challenging at times. Worrying over minute details like is she eating/drinking/sleeping enough?
Is it normal to be catching the flu every other month etc and what supplement or food should I buy to boost her health. Is my discipline method the right approach? What enrichment classes should i enroll her for? And the list goes on right down to diaper brands. Thankfully, I have a group of mummy friends supporting me through this journey and I’m thankful for our mummy meet ups cum play dates for our toddlers which I believe helps me keep my sanity. A supportive husband which allows me “ME” time is also another blessing.
Soon I will be a second time mummy in October and this time, I’m feeling more confident but every baby is different right so they said. We shall see, fingers crossed!” Victoria and Kayla are also on our review panel!

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