Philips Air Purifier Series 2000 – Review


I would like to think that I am health conscious but really, I am not. I never cared about eating healthy or any thing health related until I got pregnant. After which, I was like a paranoid person trying to … Continue reading

Eternally Yours Vintage Collection by Tokens Of Eternity


After a 2 month wait, I finally received my 2nd keepsake order from local crafter Tokens Of Eternity. The designs came from the crafter herself, I just told her I would like to have something in pink tones that is … Continue reading

Titan365 Home Disinfection

Sure Clean!

Recently, i did the Titan 365 Home Disinfection on the whole interior of my house. To protect my family and myself from the ever horrifying viruses and germs everywhere! With the prevalent outbreaks of common childhood diseases such as Hand-Foot-Mouth … Continue reading

Into The World Of UV Sterilizing

The world of UV sterilizing!

2 years ago, electric steam sterilizers were all the rage and the best in the market (at least for me) was the avent electric 3in1. It was touted as the most convenient way to sterilise all our baby bottles, pacifiers … Continue reading

Which Electric Pump To Buy?

photo just for illustration purpose

Sooooo both the babies are asleep now and judging by the fidgety milk monster’s sleep grunt noises, i have about 20mins to get this post published for you guys. A few posts back, i did a simple electric breast pump … Continue reading

Bebe Bamboo, As Soft As A Baby’s Skin

Bebe Bamboo Towels

Bebe Bamboo™ was founded in October 2014 by Meiyen, a mother of 4. She started her business as an online retailer and quickly became a distributor of several baby brands in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Along the way, she was … Continue reading

Baby Fairs, To Go Or Not To Go?

my 2 little babies

I sneaked out to attend the breastfeeding challenge today at Suntec City Converntion Center. Its brought to you by Thomson Medical, sponsored by Philips Avent and Spring Maternity! 😀 I couldnt miss this event since im such a big breastfeeding … Continue reading

My Favourite Liquid Cleanser :D

Pigeon Products!!

Im pretty sure everyone of you are familiar with this brand and this particular product! 😀 Its my favourite liquid cleanser for baby products, toys, bottles and accessories. Its food grade so it means that i wont have to worry … Continue reading

Snuggle Time Essentials with OurOne&Only


Evenings in our home has been filled with beautiful moments of bonding between the recently acquainted brothers. After dinner and their evening bath/shower, we would place Mikhail in the Combi parenting station, in the hall and turn on the air … Continue reading