Surviving CNY With A Baby & A Toddler


Chinese New Year is right around the corner and we all know what that means. ALOT of visiting/hosting, noise, sinful snacking and red packets. This is usually a really fun and exciting period when we dont have a baby or toddler to bring along. And now, I have 2!! Babies are sometimes (most times) not as forgiving when it comes to heat, noise and being uncomfortable. Here are a few basic tips for your survival and hopefully you wont end the new year with more wrinkles on your face.

Dress Light, Bring Extra Set Of Clothing For Baby & Toddler

You and your little ones should dress light and comfortable. I know CNY is all about pretty clothings and new heels but honestly, with a baby and that much moving around, you will want to be as comfortable as you possibly can be. I suggest cotton or any other thin material that doesnt stick or scratch against your skin. If you have long hair, try an updo to minimize covering up the neck area (which tends to feel reallllly uncomfortable when you are hot and sticky) and keeping hair away from your face. Ensure that your little ones are dressed comfortably cool and bring an extra set of equally cooling clothing in case there is a need to change.

Keep Visits Short and Sweet, Maximum Of 3 Places Or Less.

Plan your day well and time them so its during the time of day where your little baby is least difficult (like right after morning nap). End the day before the sky turns dark unless you are visiting someone’s place thats very suitable for babies (someone who also have a baby).

Babies And CNY Goodies Dont Go

Most CNY goodies contain nuts and dairy. Please do not let anyone (pesky relatives) feed your baby snacks and be sure to tell them a firm no if you see them trying. For toddlers, make sure not to let them have too much as most snacks causes heatiness.

Just a side track over here:

I really hate it when people try to convince me that I should let Charles (toddler) have some “goodies”. Telling me how harmless it is and how all of us ate it while growing up and we are fine. I dont care how you brought up your kids, in your generation and how alive they are. I also dont give a crap shit on how you think im over-protecting my little babies. I am their mother, i know what is best.


I dont want my young kids eating that rubbish food. PERIOD.

Be Well Prepared

Wake up earlier to prepare lunch (and dinner if you do plan to stay out past dinner time) for the little one and pack it in a good thermo so it stays warm and nice for the day. Ensure you have enough diapers and all the basic things your baby needs (wipes, cream, oil etc). I suggest bringing along some mozzy patches just in case (you never know when you might be in an area that has mozzies).

Keep Hydrated, Both You And Baby

Bring along a bottle of boiled water for your baby. Drink lots of water throughout the day and stay hydrated.


I always pack in a favourite toy or load a favourite show on my ipad mini when i know im going out for a good portion of the day. This would be your emergency entertainment. In case the baby gets cranky out of boredom, you can whip out the ipad or toy for a good 30min distraction while you gobble up your food.

Dont Push It

If you start feeling very stressed out and your baby seems really uncomfortable and cranky, LEAVE. Dont push yourself or your baby over the edge by staying. Theres always CNY next year and for many years. Im sure relatives and friends will understand.

I hope this helps you guys survive CNY without too much stress. Here is wishing all of you a prosperous and wonderful chinese new year! 😀


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Meeting Dr.Ang Poon Liat

Dr.Ang with the Mother Bloggers!

Dr.Ang with the Mother Bloggers!

It was a great honour for me to attend and meet Dr Ang Poon Liat, consultant paediatrician for Thomson Paediatric Centre at the Rise and Shine Seminar for parents on 7th November 2015.

He’s a strong believer that nutrition is the utmost important part for our brain and health development and gave me an insight on what we eat directly affects us, both our mental and physical well being. In this competitive world, with mostly both parents working, eating out is totally unavoidable. As such, how do we eat healthy while eating out?

Compared to fast foods, hawker food will be preferred. Eat more steam-cook food and lesser fried food as nutrients will be lost due to high temperature presented during frying. Of cos, it will still be best for us to eat at home for at least one meal a day. Eating healthily doesn’t mean we need to spend a lot. We can always go to the market and request for the local produce! Theres kampong eggs/farm- free fishes like mackerel.

All parents, i strongly encouraged you to buy Dr Ang’s books! You may get them from Thomson Medical Centre or He wrote these 2 books for a social agenda. He’s been working in this field for 45 years, in his journey, he sees more upcoming problem such as cancer and death from diseases. This book will give you better insight on how to improve our health and also, how are we able to give our future generation a balanced lifestyle.


The books are retailed at $80. All profits will be donated to charity.

Written By: Hui Juan
From: MLBB Mother’s Panel

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