We LOVE Bellamy’s!


I love preparing meals for my little ones but sometimes, I lack time. So during the days where I need to head out for a meeting or to the office for work, I turn to Bellamy’s. 😀 Recently, Little M … Continue reading

Which Electric Pump To Buy?

photo just for illustration purpose

Sooooo both the babies are asleep now and judging by the fidgety milk monster’s sleep grunt noises, i have about 20mins to get this post published for you guys. A few posts back, i did a simple electric breast pump … Continue reading

BeBeSup, For The Most Delicate Of Skins

Mikhail with his wipes!

About a year ago, I did a baby wipe challenge here. Since then i have not had the time to really do another but since i was preparing for the birth of Mikhail, about 2 weeks before his was due … Continue reading

We Are Home!

Bedding Set from www.jazeandbaby.com.sg/

This will be a quick one! We (Mikhail and I) are finally home!! 😀 Thank you for all the warm and well wishes, we feel extremely excited about becoming parents all over again a second time! Charles has been such … Continue reading

Baby Safety Gate

A safer for the little ones!

I have been wanting to get a safety gate for the longest time but due to so many reasons, i have been putting it off. As you all know, im a renter. So every 1 year or so, i would … Continue reading